Never Take Your Eyes Off The Patient


The First Smart, Wearable
Visualization Technology

Amplio is the first patented, digital visualization technology, combining the benefits of microscope functionality with the form factor of a head-mounted device. Amplio shifts the paradigm within the surgical market.

Unify Medical - Amplio Headset

Innovative, Immersive, Offering Infinite Opportunity

Unify Medical amplifies surgical precision with smart wearable technology. Amplio combines 3D, high-definition, real-time visualization with critical, intraoperative data and features a superior ergonomic, lightweight design and a wide range of capabilities including on-demand focus, intra-operative magnification and case specific infomatics, Amplio addresses the unmet needs in digital surgery.

Enhancing Visualization, Amplifying Patient Outcomes

Amplio is easily accessible and allows for simple integration to existing surgical workflow. UNIFY MEDICAL amplifies the quality of care for surgeons and patients alike.
Amplio is not yet commercially available in the US as an FDA Class I Medical Device.


Experience Amplio’s fusion technology of digital loupes and magnification.