Changing how you see surgery.


We’re ushering in a new standard for patient care, safety and surgical precision through enhanced, real-time visualization and data capabilities. Unify Medical envisions a future where we enable surgeons with the ability to enhance patient care through the first patented, intelligent wearable platform. Unify Medical provides surgeons and OR staff with clinically relevant visual data of the targeted anatomy to improve the quality of care for the patient while reducing cost to hospitals and ASCs alike.
Unify Infographic

Amplio Visualization Solutions

Amplio combines 3D, high-definition, real-time visualization with critical, intraoperative data. Featuring a superior ergonomic, lightweight design and a wide range of capabilities including on-demand focus, intraoperative magnification and case-specific infomatics, Amplio poised to address unmet needs in digital surgery.
  • Digital magnification
  • Case archiving
  • On demand focus
  • OR connectivity
  • Situational awareness
  • Superior ergonomics

Fluorescence Guided Surgery

With Amplio Light, we will incorporate near-infrared technology providing surgeons with the first wearable device with fluorescence guidance, which may displace stand-alone, costly systems.

Data & Analytics

Because our technologies are capable of capturing a vast amount of digital surgical data (video, audio, and images), directly from the surgeon’s own perspective, we will be able to fuel wide-ranging applications to help improve clinical outcomes, including predictive analytics, data registries, decision support, automated diagnostics, and training/teaching.


We are guided by a team with deep knowledge
and expertise in the surgical market.


Our advisory team is composed of distinguished
surgeons, each of whom brings their unique and inciteful
perspectives from a broad range of surgical specialties.